Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fixing Linux Firefox DEE (

It's a constant battle to be able to receive my Defense Enterprise Email on linux. (Heck, it's not that far off on Windows, either.) I had it working, then it stopped, and came to the rescue. It turns out that you need to renegotiate the SSL session while authenticating, which is a security hole. had the right info for me:

You'll need to enable SSL renegotiation, do this by pointing your browser to about:config. After confirming that you know what you are doing, you need to start typing in:
set it to true (by double clicking it). After this you should be able to access the site.
 I didn't even need to restart firefox! Now I can be in linux more often, and not just when I think I won't need to check email. DoD is moving to an all-in-one outlook web access (OWA) client, and it is much finickier than normal CAC (smart card) enabled web sites.

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